Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring Practice Recap.

As a spectator to today's first spring practice, I would like to offer up some observations. I'm not that good with summarizing so I'll just do a brief one and then continue with individual player observations.

In general, both the offense and defense look good. The secondary looks about the same as last year, with Palmer, Foster, and Ma Griffin leading the way, but newcomers Beasley and Wells both showed flashes of competence. As you expect, Colt practiced with the first teamers, Sherrod with the second teamers, and Chiles with the second/third teamers. Coach Mac Duff also was very "hands-on" with the linebackers, giving them instruction and coaching after every drill.

Colt: looks strong and didn't see any signs of his lingering injury from last year. Threw the deep ball well, and also connected on a lot of intermediate and short routes. Has good velocity on his throws.

Sherrod: very impressive outing for the first practice of the year. He is a big and strong quarterback with the ability to run and throw. Although he is slower than Vince, he still looks like he can pick up yardage when necessary. He had very good velocity on his short-medium throws and a nice touch on his deep throws. He had a sick pass to Montre Webber that was about 45-50 yards. Not that it matters much but he seems to have a big windup. Also, he threw a pick to straight to a linebacker (I forgot which...maybe Muckelroy...) during 7 on 7 drills.

Chiles: his calves are huge. He had excellent velocity on his short and intermediate throws but hasn't yet developed a great deep ball. During individual workouts he was connecting with his receivers, but during 7 on 7s and full team drills he was having trouble making some completions. I expected him to struggle a little at first, b/c he only played a year and a half at qb in HS. There is no doubt he will improve his passing, and he ran a few zone-read keepers as well, displaying his running ability.

Zepeda: let's just put it this way...he is way worse than Matt McCoy...

Charles: glad he is practicing football instead of track. he was looking very fast although he slipped at least 2 times on the grass without being touched. he also had a sick catch from Sherrod maybe?

McGee and Whittaker: both these guys are fast and tiny. I expect both to be able to contribute to our running attack this year...especially McGee.

Quan: caught just about every pass thrown in his direction, even if they were not on the money.

Billy: looked like the Billy we already know...nothing that different

Webber: the guy made a diving 50 yard was sick. He is def taller than 6'3".

Marshall and Payne are both really tall targets and hopefully both will contribute to the team this year.

Sergio: easily the biggest/strongest/scariest looking guy on defense

That's about all I got for now. All in all it was a good practice. Didn't see any new plays or formations but I think we usually keep our new stuff secret anyway.

Beat TCU.


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